Our massages offer several extra amenities, including hot towels on the back, feet, and complimentary coffee, tea, or wine including our Zen waiting area and locker room facilities. It is due to detail that we are consistently voted Best Day Spa in Hampton Roads & Chesapeake for 16 years in a row.

*Please take note of weekday & weekend pricing.

Therapeutic Bodywork

Our most popular massage. Your therapist will use light to firm pressure, depending on your preference. 30/60/90 Minute Session. Weekday $58 / $78 / $103.  Weekend $64 / $86 / $114.

Cayce/Reilly® Massage:
Originated at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapies.  Known worldwide for its healing therapeutic qualities. 30/60/90 Minutes Session. Weekday $58 / $78 / $103. Weekend $64 / $86 / $114.

This gentle but effective treatment stimulates the client’s inner energy flow and is administered by the hands being placed on or around the client’s clothed body. 30/60 Minute Session. Weekday $58 / $78. Weekend $64 / $86.

 Couples Massage:
A side by side massage experience is the perfect opportunity to connect and unwind  for couples or friends. 30/60/90 Minute Session. Weekday $116 / $156 / $206. Weekend $128 / $172 / $227.

Pre-natal Massage:
A therapeutic and relaxing treatment designed to reduce discomforts associated with pregnancy. This treatment is helpful with circulation and uncomfortable areas during pregnancy and is highly recommended! *For women who have reached their second trimester. 30/60 Minute Session. Weekday $68 / $88. Weekend $75 / $98. 

Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork:
Used to treat specific areas of concern. During your consultation your therapist will customize a unique treatment plan incorporating deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial release and/or stretching techniques. 30/60/90 Minute Session. Weekday $68 / $88 / $113.  Weekend $75 / $98 / $125. 

Options for Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork
Deep Tissue:
 Releases tension in the body by using long, slow strokes and deep finger pressure while improving range of motion and relieving muscle tension.
Sports Massage: Soothes sore muscles that often occur after workouts, and improves range of motion prior to playing by relieving back, shoulder and neck pain.
Myofascial Release: Releases restrictions in the fascia, or layer covering the muscles, by using a gentle sustained pressure to work out movement restrictions and help alleviate pain.
Stretching Techniques: Customized by the therapist to soothe sore muscles and improve range of motion in you specific area of concern.

Specialty Bodywork
Spirit Stone Massage:

Signature hot stone therapeutic massage utilizes heated and oiled river stones throughout to melt away muscle tension and stress. 60/90 Minutes Session. Weekday $103 / $123. Weekend $114 / $136.

Reflexology with hot stones:
Warm river stones gently press reflex points on the feet that are proven to correspond throughout the body for healing and relaxation. 60 Minute Session. Weekday $88. Weekend $98.

Heavenly Harmony:
Combining a Signature Oasis Facial AND Reflexology with Hot Stones treatment offering two services in 1 hour!
60 minute Session. Weekday $168. Weekend $185.

Add On Services

    • PerfectSense Foot Paraffin – $20-$22
    • PerfectSense Hand Paraffin – $15-$17
    • Steam/Rain Shower – $25-$28
    • Acupressure Facial – $40-$44
  • Warm Salt Stones – $20-$22
  • Aromatherapy – $12-$14
  • Spa Dinner – $30-$33
  • Spa Lunch – $15-$17