We look forward to using the latest techniques and products allowing your waxing service to literally “run smoothly” and feel less pain.

Prices listed are for weekday appointments. 
Weekend appointments are increased by 10%.

Prices starting at:

Full Arm: $45
Underarm: $20
Back: $60
Full Face: $40
Brow: $15
Lip: $12
Chin: $20
Nostril: $10
Half Leg: $45
Half Leg with Bikini: $80
Full Leg: $80
Full Leg with Brazilian: $150
Half Leg with Brazilian: $120
Bikini: $40
Skinny Bikini: $50
Brazilian: $70

We proudly use top of the line Amber Wax & Tend Skin in our spa!

Regretfully waxing services cannot be performed on clients who are using Accutane, Retin-A, or antibiotics

due to the sensitivity these products cause to the skin. Be advised that pregnancy can create extra sensitivity.

Please alert your technician of any other medications.

Waxing Q&A-

Q: How long should my hair be in order to get waxed?
A: Your hair needs to be at least 1/4 of an inch in order to be waxed. If it is too short, the technician may need you to reschedule your appointment for the following week, in order to have enough hair for the wax to adhere to.

Q: What is the difference between a bikini, skinny bikini, and Brazilian?
A: A bikini will include all the hair that shows when you sit “frog legged” in bikini cut underwear.  A skinny bikini will go in further than a bikini, but will still leave hair on “top” and down your labia.  Your backside is also included.  A Brazilian includes all of the hair, front and back. A small strip may be left on “top” if you choose.

Q: What should I do after my waxing service?
A: We recommend you try your best not to touch the area for a few hours after, especially facial waxing. The dirt and oils from your hands can get into the open pores and possibly cause break outs. For body waxing we recommend TendSkin, which we sell in our lobby, to help keep the skin exfoliated and keep ingrown hairs away! Being in a hot tub is not recommended for 24 hours after your waxing service.

Q: How long will the results last?
A: While this is one of our most popular questions, it is the hardest to answer. Everyone is different… Just like the hair on the top of your head. Your best friend may need a haircut every 4 weeks, where it seems like your hair will NEVER grow an inch, it’s the same with body waxing. We do recommend that you come back every 4-5 weeks to keep up your best results. Also, the more you continue to get waxed, the less and less hair will even grow.