Body Treatments

Body Scrubs & Mask
Our Spa Capsule is the latest in spa technology, allowing our therapists to combine treatments such as aromatherapy, steam therapy and light therapy in conjunction with your wrap or scrub. Using quality, all-natural products and our state-of-the-art Spa Capsule you will enjoy results such as softer, firmer skin, increased circulation and mild detoxification.

Mask: Our chamomile hydrating and softening mask is anti-aging.

Scrubs: Our Scrubs exfoliate leaving you with a full body glow.
– Desert Blossom
– Unscented Salt Scrub
– Vanilla Orange

Prices listed are for weekday appointments. 
Weekend appointments are increased by 10%.

30 Minute scrub Session- $38 (ADDED onto a massage)
45 Minute Session- $68 (CHOICE of a scrub OR mask)
60 Minute Session- $88 (Scrub, mask, and lotion)

For optimal results we suggest pairing your body mask with a body scrub in our 60-minute Spa Capsule treatment.
Herbal Cellulite add-on provides visible results in one treatment –$15
*The spa capsule is NOT recommended for expectant mothers!

Special Occasion Body Wrap
Designed to help you firm up and lose 4-15 inches before a special event.

Specially formulated to shrink the adipose tissue of fat called cellulite, which is found directly below the surface of the skin. This involves wrapping the body with cotton and elastic strips of cloth, similar to an ACE bandage which are soaked and heated in our special formula. These are applied tightly to areas needing treatment. You must stay in the wrap for at least twenty minutes to achieve the best results. You are welcome to wear underwear for this service however we recommend you bring a dry set.
*We recommend two treatments for best results and you save $30 (bringing the cost to $153 each). This offer is NOT valid in conjunction with other discounts, or promotions; including membership discounts.

First Wrap –$168
Second Wrap –$138 (within 5-days for maximize results)

Jadience Element Detox

Detoxify and purify your Mind, Body & Spirit as your therapist administers this advanced detox treatment combining centuries proven East Asian Herbal & Acupressure.  – $98

Combining the healing power of reflexology with the therapeutic heat of hot stones on reflex points of the hands and feet. Stimulating the flow of energy, blood, nerve impulses, and nutrients to the corresponding areas of the body, reflexology restores balance and overall wellbeing.  – $88

Reiki Is Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”. This gentle, but effective treatment is administered by the hands being lightly placed on or around the guest’s clothed body. The healing energy is gentle and non-invasive and helps stimulate the client’s own inner energy flow. Its beneficial effects include reduction of stress, release of pain or discomfort, relaxation, and awareness. – $78

Facial Acupressure
Acupressure helps to increase blood flow to the head and face, softening wrinkles, improving muscle tone and decreasing the appearance stress on the face.  This 30 minute add on is a perfect addition to your next massage or facial. – $40

Add On Services

Steam/Rain Shower – $22
Aromatherapy – $12
Aveda Blue Oil Treatment- $5
PerfectSense Hand Paraffin- $15
PerfectSense Foot Paraffin – $20
PerfectSense Hand and Foot Paraffin Combo – $35
Spa Lunch – $15
Spa Dinner – $30

Spa Capsule Q&A- 

Q: What should I expect during a Spa Capsule treatment?
A: Our spa capsule is a fan favorite. When you begin your service your spa professional will go over your scent choices, how to get in, and other procedures. Once inside of the spa capsule your head and neck stay out, reliving any claustrophobic concernsJ. Steam rises from below you relaxing every muscle in your body. Your spa professional will perform a brown sugar body scrub and depending on the session length, an intensive hydrating body mask. The spa capsule has 7 Vichy shower heads that will rain down periodically as if you were in a waterfall. You will also enjoy a cool stone facial massage while inside the capsule. Your therapist will dim the lights, and turn the music up so you can relax, but they are always in the room if you need anything at all.

Q: What do I wear during the Spa Capsule treatment?
A: It is up to you and your comfort level. While most guests prefer to dress down completely, we do have some who prefer to wear a bathing suit. We do ALWAYS cover you with modesty towels, so no private areas are showing. Please keep in mind that anything you do wear into the spa capsule will get wet. We offer lockers for you to place all of your things in, and a robe and slippers to change into!

Q: What are the benefits of a Spa Capsule treatment?
A:There are many benefits of the spa capsule including skin exfoliation, skin hydration, loosening of tight sore muscles, and all over relaxation.