Natural Elements’ skin care professionals offer truly customized skin care, embracing the unique characteristics of each guest’s skin type and concerns by using proven organic, all natural, result oriented product line: Eminence Organics Skin Care.

Signature Oasis Facial:
Because everyone’s skin is different, we customize this treatment to fit each individual client’s specific skin-care needs.
30/60/90 Minute sessions $65 / $93 / $125
~  Membership option available (60 Min) $59 + $19

Facial Peel Upgrade- Arctic Berry Peel, AHA Fruit Pulp, Pear & Poppy, Pineapple Enzyme. – $38
Facial Upgrade- 
Blueberry Detox, Corrective Eye Treatment – $22

Heavenly Harmony:
This is truly a heavenly experience that you don’t want to miss out on. You will
receive a Signature Oasis Facial & Reflexology with Hot Stones Feeling refreshed
from head to toe. – $163

 “Excellent service, I felt absolutely taken care of, the therapist was amazing and professional. It was my first “peel” and
she talked me through it so beautifully. The atmosphere is like walking into a different world…a really relaxing one.” – Michelle B. 

Add On Services
Acupressure Facial – $40
Steam/Rain Shower – $25
Aromatherapy – $12
PerfectSense Hand Paraffin- $15
PerfectSense Foot Paraffin – $20
PerfectSense Hand and Foot Paraffin Combo – $35
Spa Lunch – $15
Spa Dinner – $30

Facial Q&A:

Q: What should I expect during a 60 minute facial?
A: Our 60 Minute Signature Oasis Facial session is our most popular of all of our facial treatments. We use all natural product lines, Aveda and Organic Eminence. During one of our Signature Facials you can expect to begin with a consultation with your therapist to find out exactly what your particular skin care concerns are. Your therapist will then cater your facial session specifically for your skin type, focusing on your concerns. A few things to expect during the facial are a deep cleansing, an exfoliation, a treatment mask, hand and arm massage, facial massage, and finishing products like moisturizer and eye cream. After you session is over your therapist will recommend products for you to use at home so you can continue to see the same results!

Q: What type of products do you use there?
A: At Natural Elements we pride ourselves on using all natural product lines in every service. We use Eminence Organics during our facial treatments!

Q: So, do I really need the “at home care” products?
A: In order for you to keep up the same results, yes, we believe you do. Think of it like going to the dentist. When you go in they deep clean your teeth, maybe scrape a little plaque, and recommend the right type of toothbrush, and even toothpaste for you to use at home. If you go home and don’t brush your teeth at all, your “just been to the dentist” clean results will quickly fade away. Its the same in our field. If you come in and get a great exfoliation and hydrating mask, but then go home and use harsh soaps, or nothing at all, all of your “glowing” results will fade quickly.

Jane Iredale Make up Application
Makeup applications are available by reservation.  Complimentary consultations are subject to availability.
$30: Quick application for a night out
$65: Bridesmaids of formal application
$80: Bridal application

Spa & Salon Packages

We have combined and discounted our most popular Spa & Salon Services and included a customary 15% gratuity.

Balanced Beauty:
Relax with a 90 minute Swedish massage and renew with a stimulating Shampoo,
haircut and style. Our spa and salon professionals will leave you looking and feeling
relaxed, confident and beautiful. – $160

Let your body surrender as you are guided through this spa experience by one of our
attentive spa professionals. Relax in our Spa capsule with a detoxifying full body Steam and
exfoliating Body scrub, followed by a refreshing Vichy shower. Unwind with a relaxing and
renewing Swedish Massage and delight your feet with our Natural Spa Pedicure. – $195

Uplifting Lotus:
Leave your mind and body with this uplifting experience as one of our skin care professionals
rejuvenates your skin with our Signature Oasis Facial. Float away during your calming yet
therapeutic Swedish Massage and gently touch back to earth with a grounding
Natural Spa Pedicure. – $250

Tranquil Waters:
Restore your body’s balance and fluidity in our spa capsule as you bask in the detoxifying
full body Steam with an exfoliating Body scrub, hydrating mask and refreshing Vichy shower.
Unwind to the rhythm of a flowing Swedish massage and allow our spa and skin care
professionals to renew your skin with our Signature Oasis facial. – $295

Elemental Joy:
Find the carefree joy of your youth under the attentive care of our spa and salon professionals.
Starting in our relaxing Spa capsule, you’ll enjoy a detoxifying full body Steam with your choice
of an exfoliating Body scrub or hydrating Body mask and refreshing shower. Feel the relaxation
of even your deepest muscles as warm river stones massage your body during your Spirit Stone
Massage. Melt away the stress with our Signature Oasis Facial followed by a leisurely Spa lunch
before melting into your Natural Spa Pedicure–  $370