Spa & Salon Packages

We have packaged our most popular services to minimize your expenses & maximize your experience (including a customary 15% gratuity).

Balanced Beauty:
90 minute Swedish massage and renew with a stimulating Shampoo, haircut and style. Our spa and salon professionals will leave you looking and feeling relaxed, confident and beautiful.  $192

Heavenly Harmony:
This Heavenly experience combines two services into one hour. You willrecvive both a  Signature Oasis Facial & Reflexology with Hot Stones, leaving you feeling refreshed from head to toe- $215

Let your body surrender as you are guided through this spa experience by one of our attentive spa professionals. Relax in our Spa capsule with a detoxifying full body Steam and exfoliating Body scrub, followed by a refreshing Vichy shower. Unwind with a relaxing and renewing Swedish Massage and delight your feet with our Natural Spa Pedicure. – $216

Uplifting Lotus:
Leave your mind and body with this uplifting experience as one of our skin care professionals rejuvenates your skin with our Signature Oasis Facial. Float away during your calming yet therapeutic Swedish Massage and gently touch back to earth with a grounding Natural Spa Pedicure. – $293

Tranquil Waters:
Restore your body’s balance and fluidity in our spa capsule as you bask in the detoxifying full body Steam with an exfoliating Body scrub, hydrating mask and refreshing Vichy shower. Unwind to the rhythm of a flowing Swedish massage and allow our spa and skin care professionals to renew your skin with our Signature Oasis facial. – $344

Elemental Joy:
Find the carefree joy of your youth under the attentive care of our spa and salon professionals. Starting in our relaxing Spa capsule, you’ll enjoy a detoxifying full body Steam with your choice of an exfoliating Body scrub or hydrating Body mask and refreshing shower. Feel the relaxation of even your deepest muscles as warm river stones massage your body during your Spirit Stone Massage. Melt away the stress with our Signature Oasis Facial followed by a leisurely Spa lunch before melting into your Natural Spa Pedicure. –  $438

Gentlemen’s Package:
A spa package designed for our male guests. Start with a Steam + Rain Shower for a detoxifying and relaxing effect, then benefit from a Swedish Massage. – $138